How could cryptocurrency and blockchain change our future?

The impact of institutional investors in cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology development is quite experimental at the moment, being predominantly used in niche communities, most notably in the cryptocurrency and NFT markets. However, late last year, following the explosion of NFTs, cryptocurrency rose in popularity and reached mainstream appeal, prompting large companies to start expanding in this space. These include household names like PayPal, Tesla, and Block (formerly known as Square).

Cryptocurrency could accelerate economic growth

Underdeveloped countries and emerging economies, which are experiencing rapid economic growth, are more likely to adopt cryptocurrency. Nigeria is an example, with a KuCoin report revealing that 35% of the population has invested in digital currencies.

Supply chain improvements

Retailers are finding that pre-pandemic supply chain problems persist despite changes in customer behavior.

Benefits of decentralization

One of the most important aspects of cryptocurrencies is decentralization, which allows currencies to be fully global without being regulated by CeFi institutions. The use of decentralized cryptocurrencies could improve the efficiency of data transmission and transactions.

Final thoughts

Even in a more technologically advanced society, digital assets have yet to gain widespread acceptance. However, there are signs that cryptocurrencies are becoming more accepted in society.



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