How important are NFTs and Blockchain in the Metaverse?

  • Fair and transparent economy: The union of both allows individual users and companies to easily represent their real-world assets and solutions in a decentralized digital environment. The metaverse could be opened up to more real-world assets through new models that would be powered by NFTs. And the blockchain would be in charge of offering transparency and immutability, since the metaverse would be sustained by this fair and open economy where no possibility of artificial value inflation would be found.
  • New Identity Experiences : In the process of creating metaverses, users could show support for a specific project by owning NFT assets. The result would be that like-minded owners of these NFTs could form communities to share experiences and collaborate on content creation.
  • Buying Property : Metaverses give users the opportunity to gain full ownership of virtual spaces in the metaverse through NFTs. Some examples are the sale of virtual land for profit or renting land for passive income in conjunction with the development of structures, stores or events.
  • Marketing tool : Another functionality would be when launching brand products or special privileges for followers. NFTs would be tasked with introducing interoperability outside of the metaverse with an infrastructure that supports location-based engagement and augmented reality features.
  • Access control : The association of true identities with digital avatars presents opportunities to define access to the metaverse with NFTs. For example, tickets to an event may be NFT-based and will limit access to the most exclusive guests.



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