Do you still need ICO/STO Dashboard for Token Sale in 2021?

ICOs and STOs are token-based fundraising methods where investors can invest in your crypto projects.

  • However, they are only investing in your project idea and getting tokens in return.
  • Investors don’t get any ownership rights to your project or company.You’re the owner, you’ll remain the owner.

What’s in it for the Investors?
Your tokens are part of your project’s ecosystem.

  • When people use your tokens for transactions within the platform, they generate liquidity.
  • The tokens can them be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and traded as digital assets.
  • Remember how Bitcoin blew up?

What’s an ICO/STO Dashboard?

  • ICO/STO dashboard is a fully-featured control panel where you can manage your fundraising campaign.
  • You get all the tools to create, manage, and market your fundraising campaigns.
  • ICO Development are not easy to start from scratch, a dashboard makes this complicated process accessible.

Do you need an ICO/STO Dashboard in 2021?
ICOs are a great way for crypto start-ups to raise money for their innovative projects.

  • However, Token Creation, Marketing, Airdrops, Bonuses, and Campaign Management are not easy.
  • Running an ICO/STO campaign requires a lot of technical know-how and effort.
    Something that new start-ups might find hard without investing a ton of resources.
  • An ICO/STO Dashboard makes this process easier by providing various tools to run campaigns.
  • Such a dashboard automates processes like Token Creation, Marketing, Airdrops, Bonuses, and Milestone-based Crowdsale.